Architectural Pieces

We encourage all clients to visit the warehouse in person since we constantly add to our showroom. You will not find a complete inventory list online, as it is impossible for us to picture every item. We really do have A LOT! 

This group is varied and large. We are great lovers of anything rusty, chippy, vintage and unique, so this is one of our favorite categories.

Arches in all styles & materials | Marriage Canopies | Dance Pavilions | Kneeling Bench | Window Walls | Trellis | Pergolas | Wine Barrels | Single Windows |Multi-Paned Windows | Mirrors |Hinged Windows | Chalkboard Windows | Brackdrops | Photo Booth Backdrop | Frames | Single Doors | Shutters | Hinged Doors | Chalkboard Doors | Railings | Fencing | Columns