Chairs, Sofas & Furniture

We encourage all clients to visit the warehouse in person since we constantly add to our showroom. You will not find a complete inventory list online, as it is impossible for us to picture every item. We really do have A LOT! 


What a vast category! We have so many great pieces in our warehouse that a favorite is around every corner.

Farm Tables in several styles | Children's Farm Tables and Benches | Farm Benches | Painted Tables | Sweetheart Tables | Cake Tables | Dessert Tables | Guest Book Tables | Gift Tables | Banquet Tables | Various Round Tables | Folding Chairs | Farm Chairs | Painted Chairs in various colors including White | Upholstered Chairs in all styles and shapes | Side Chairs | Dining Table Chairs | Wooden Chairs | Oval Back Upholstered Chairs | Leather Chairs | Bars: vintage. modern and many other styles | Bar Backs | Bar Stools | Beverage Stands | Dessert Stands | Bookshelves | Cupboards | Trunks | Upholstered and Leather Benches | Leather Sofas | Upholstered Sofas | Loveseats in all styles and textures | High Back Sofas and Loveseats |  High Top Tables: Round and Rectangle | Church Pews | Wrought Iron Patio Tables and Benches | Wooden Farm Benches | End Tables | Coffee Tables | Buffets | Candle Screens | Dressers | Hutches | Footstools | Ottomans | Poufs